Participation in Vitality Study
Mars Food Europe


Click on the link below to go to the questionnaire. This is what happens then:

  1. Clicking on the link will take you to the registration page;
  2. After you landed on the registration page, again first select your language.
  3. Click on ‘New account’.
  4. Enter the Activation code and click on ‘Activation’.
  5. Complete the fields and finish the registration, you will enter the questionnaire, this entire questionnaire has to be completed.
  6. Besides filling out this questionnaire, a Health Check will take place. At the end of this questionnaire you can make an appointment (online) for this Health Check at a time and date that fit you.
  7. During this Health Check, some readings will be taken. A lifestyle coach will take your blood pressure, measure fat percentage, abdominal circumference, glucose and cholesterol (through a finger prick). There will also be 2 physical tests: a short fitness test and a physical function test to measure your strength, flexibility and mobility.
  8. At the end of the readings, the lifestyle coach will discuss the results of the questionnaire and the measurements with you in relation to your personal goals. You will receive advice on how to ensure, in small steps, that you remain healthy, vital and employable.
  9. You can view the results of the readings and the questionnaires by logging in again on the website.